Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Comprehensive Breast Cancer

Medical Oncology

Once an accurate diagnosis is made, cancer treatment options are evaluated and presented by a Medical Oncologist who acts as the main health care provider, coordinating care with our cancer treatment team. The Medical Oncologist may prescribe chemotherapy, share test results with your primary physician and request treatment from other medical specialists at the Kennedy Cancer Center in Southern Jersey.

Radiation Oncology

When radiation therapy treatment becomes an essential part of the overall cancer treatment plan, our Radiation Oncologists work hand-in-hand with the Medical Oncologist and radiation therapy team to develop a specialized treatment plan. The Radiation Oncologist monitors your progress constantly, adjusting treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimal adverse reactions.

Breast Surgical Oncology

If breast cancer surgery is necessary for a successful treatment plan, the Breast Surgical Oncologists at the Kennedy Cancer Center will be integrated into the cancer treatment team. These highly specialized surgeons have vast experience in both breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) and breast removal surgery (mastectomy). Surgical treatment is incorporated as a part of the overall treatment plan, established and monitored by the cancer team of Medical Oncologists, primary physicians and other cancer specialists at Kennedy.

Colorectal Surgery

Cancers related to the rectum or colon, when detected and diagnosed early, have some of the most favorable treatment outcomes for cancer patients. When colorectal surgery becomes necessary, your treatment plan will include the Colorectal Surgeons at the Kennedy Cancer Center in South Jersey, who are specialized surgeons that work together with the rest of your cancer treatment team.

Thoracic Surgery

Focused on cancers of the chest (Lung, Esophageal, Mesothelioma, etc.), the highly trained Thoracic Surgeons at the Kennedy Cancer Center in South Jersey provide surgical treatment for a number of common cancers. Under the supervisory care of the Medical Oncologist, these surgeons help provide one of the core components of a successful cancer treatment plan.

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Key Patient Contacts

Oncology Nurse Navigator
Appointment scheduling and treatment navigation.
Susan Saporito, RN, BSN, OCN 

Abigale Hassel, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C - Social Worker
Patient support and information.

Lung Cancer Screening Program Coordinators
Lisa Mick, RN and Brenda Gorman

Cancer Center Accreditations

Commission on Cancer, ACR, NAPBC, Screening Center of Excellence

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Tai Chi - Mondays 01-09-17 - 12-11-17 - 10/28/2016
Tai Chi is a Chinese slow motion exercise designed to promote good health and longevity by circulating internal energy or 'chi.' Benefits include promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Anyone can do it regardless of age or condition. Great by itself or complements other exercises, lowers blood pressure, improves balance and coordination, slows and improves breathing and builds strength and vitality for cancer patients during and after treatment.





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