Center for Hope & Healing

The Center for Hope and Healing

How does the Center for Hope and Healing complement traditional healthcare?

Hope and Healing Center

The programs and services offered at Kennedy's Center for Hope and Healing are designed to:

  • Develop avenues of expression and communication
  • Create opportunities for shared positive life experiences between patients, family members and caregivers within the context of illness
  • Nurture individual personal growth
  • Encourage creative approaches to health and wellness
  • Support, strengthen and sustain the team of caregivers.


Do I need previous training or experience to participate?

No previous training is necessary. All programs are designed for beginners and can be adapted for those with advanced skills. The objective is to engage in creative expression at each person's comfort level.


How can I find the current schedule of programs?

Click here to view our current offerings online.  Also, brochures, and additional educational materials are available in the Patient and Family Resource Center at the Kennedy Cancer Center located at 900 Medical Center Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080.

How can I contribute my expertise to the Kennedy Center for Hope and Healing?

Many people whose lives have been touched by cancer wish to give back by sharing their gifts and talents with patients and staff. Please contact Louise Baca, at 856-218-5321, to discuss your interests.

Can I support the Kennedy Center for Hope and Healing with a financial contribution?

The Kennedy Center for Hope and Healing welcomes your support. Programs and services provided through the Center are offered at no charge to participants and are not covered by health insurance. Therefore, these vital programs are made possible only by generous donations from institutions and individuals who recognize the value of supporting the emotional as well as the physical needs of patients and the people who care for them.

For more information about contributions to the Kennedy Center for Hope and Healing, please call Louise Baca, at 856-218-5321, or e-mail. You may also click here to make a contribution online via the Kennedy Health System website.

Key Patient Contacts

Louise M. Baca RN MSN - Cancer Center Administrator

Oncology Nurse Navigator
Appointment scheduling and treatment navigation.

Abigale Hassel, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C - Social Worker
Patient support and information.

Cancer Center Accreditations

Commission on Cancer, ACR, NAPBC, Screening Center of Excellence

Upcoming Classes

HOPE - Helping Oncology Patients Exercise - 11/30/2015
Open to adult cancer patients of all ages and fitness levels. Research suggests exercise can help cancer patients reduce pain, nausea, anxiety and fatigue, improve ability to perform daily activities and enhance mood.



Well-Being Yoga - Tuesday Afternoon - 12/01/2015
Yoga, which increases flexibility, range of motion and strength, may bring additional benefits both during and after cancer treatments. When tension is released, energy flows more easily in the body, allowing participants to experience a sense of well-being.